Bearfaced is a netlabel based in Northern Europe that provides high-quality trax for your entertainment.

Every release we issue passes through a rigorous quality control procedure, which means the tracks you download are guaranteed to be almost completely free from insect parts.



Remnant Kings

Cat. No. BFF08 - Released 2014
Four electronic tracks discovered on an old dictaphone at the bottom of a shoebox. Recorded directly from a Roland MC-303 to dictaphone more than four years ago, now available for the first time in distorted and poorly-equalised form.

This is the first official Pidgin release since 2003's "Rural Depopulation".

Download album (Zip - 22MB)

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DJ Rim / DJ Elroi

Bakk On Trak - Da Oridganal Juke Kronikalz Volluum 18

Cat. No. BFF07 - Released 2011
Originators of footwork DJ RIM and DJ ELROI storm back on Bearfaced with the 18th volume of their seminal "ORIDGANAL JUKE KRONIKALZ" series. Exclusive juke, jukestep and post-juke tracks to make you dance Chicago style.

"All the brutality of the genre can be found in Bakk on Trakk by DJ RIM and DJ ELROI: their sample and drum collages instantly tear apart any element you can cling to." -Spex Magazine (DE)

"We back up in this!" screams DJ RIM, violently turning the wheel of his gleaming 1958 Cadillac, a low-rider sporting the pneumatics mandatory in the post-juke world. "Ride that shit like a donkey ass motherfucker," replies DJ ELROI. The pair have good reason to be confident. With the imminent release of the 18th volume of their collected works, DJs Rim and Elroi are at the top of their game. Going beyond juke, the pair have pioneered the post-juke movement, alongside other popular Chicago-based producers like JUKE NUKEM.

"It's not that we can't stop," says DJ Rim, now back in the relative calm of their Chicago studio. "We won't stop, and that's what these sly ass bitches don't realise." DJ Elroi agrees: "We come up from behind, like a sabre-tooth tiger," he exclaims. "You don't even know what bit you, because BLAOW!, you already dead. And that shit? That, my friend, is what we call swag."

Download album (Zip - 34MB)

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Juke Nukem

Da Rejukalypse / Glassfatha / Niggaz Exodus

Cat. No. BFF06 - Released 2011
Next-level avant ghetto from the glassfathers of swag, Juke Nukem. Bearfaced leapfrogs the current slew of juke acts to bring you the best, up-and-coming post-juke futureblaze swag cuts, straight from the projects.

Ahead of every conceivable curve, this album doesn't just push the envelope, it posts it to your ass.

Download album (Zip - 35MB)

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Jonathan Pelham

Nine Tracks

Cat. No. BFF05 - Released 2011
A beautiful, fresh and varied release from Jonathan Pelham. Also known for breakcore and hardcore tracks under his alter ego Alan Titmash, Mr Pelham has crafted a more delicate work here.

It spans electronic genres - from electro to acid, dubstep to ambient. At times upbeat, at others fragile, Nine Tracks does what it says on the tin - and so much more.

Download album (Zip - 72MB)

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DJ Rim / DJ Elroi

Roll Da Tomz - Da Oridganal Juke Kronikalz Volluum Thriee

Cat. No. BFF04 - Released 2011
Tune into the latest craze to take London's urban sophisticates by storm - the gritty sounds of Chicago's juke/footwork. Dubstep? That's so 2010! The freshest new footwork sounds are only on BEARFACED!

Juke originators DJ RIM and DJ ELROI return to the fray with the third instalment in their "JUKE KRONIKALZ" series, this time exclusively appearing on Bearfaced.

"After being out of the game for so long, we're disgusted at the so-called juke being pushed by the new kids on the block," says DJ RIM. "It's about time someone showed them who's Da Oridginal Boss."

DJ ELROI agrees. "We've been in this game for over a decade - 12 years in fact - and it ain't easy. The younger players on the scene think they got it made, but it's time they learned a thing or two from the true masters. It's time to step aside and let the teachers do the talkin'."

The EP is exclusively available as a free download from, following a limited DJ-only 180g club pressing.

Download album (Zip - 13MB)

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Susan Lam / Annie Chung

Chase Space! Space Chase!

Cat. No. BFF03 - Released 2009
In their second release, Annie Chung and Susan Lam take the concepts they explored on their first album further. Space-age beats and MIDI fantasies for the busy lifestyle.

Download album (Zip - 29MB)

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Sexual and Domestic Abuse Partnership

Live at Wobby

Cat. No. BFF02 - Released 2008
The only known recording of the Sexual And Domestic Abuse Partnership, a short-lived spoken word act hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland.

This recording was made at a bar in Edinburgh in mid-May 2006. The content of the entire performance was culled from cut-up women's weekly magazines (such as My Weekly, Chat, Take-a-Break, Yours, Bella, etc.) and set to a stack 1950s 7"s and LPs of steam trains. Some of those in the audience chose to stay - and even participate - but the show proved too high-concept for most of the audience. Warning: definitely not for the easily offended.

Download album (Zip - 23MB)

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Susan Lam / Annie Chung

Golden Hits

Cat. No. BFF01 - Released 2008
The first release on Bearfaced is this delightful collection of MIDI ditties from loveable duo Susan Lam and Annie Chung.

No strangers to the electric music scene, Annie Chung and Susan Lam first met at a family gathering back in 2007. It wasn't until a chance encounter in 2008, at a conference on MIDI implementation, that the two met again and decided to put together a music recording.

This is the result: 12 tracks of uncompromising, nuanced electronic exploration, from ambience to flat-out rock 'n' roll. "Golden Hits" lets you recreate the emotion of witnessing these two generation-defining artistes from the comfort of your own armchair. Sit back, draw a glass of your favourite beverage, and enjoy.

Download album (Zip - 36MB)

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